Reveal Hawaii Sale BV

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  1. Hello!
    First day of BV sale is today. Here are my little items.

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  2. Pleasssssseeee, share your pictures
  3. it is coming

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  4. Beautiful snack skin card holder

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  5. Two tone Orange credit card holder

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  6. Purple wallet and key strap chain to hook on the wallet.

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  7. All very pretty, especially the snakeskin card holder.
  8. Love!!! :love::loveeyes::hbeat:
  9. Thank you!
    The snakeskin card holder is only $168 ( after the discount). what a bargain
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    Mahalo for sharing. Love your BV treasures. What is the name of the purple? It looks almost like a periwinkle tone in the pix. Is it Byzantine? I did some serious BV shopping today as well. I'm waiting for one more piece to deliver so I can post a reveal.

    Enjoy your SLGs. Your color palette is so perfect for Hawaii.
  11. Yes. I think it is Byzantine. The price in Hawaii is lower too.
    Thank you!
  12. The "Hawaii special price" and then the 30% off on top of that can't be beat!

    I was at the Ala Moana store. Did you go there or to the Waikiki store?
  13. Love your bright colors!

  14. How much lower are retail prices in Hawaii? I haven't been to Waikiki in about 4 years. I was amazed by the 4.5% sales tax. Our sales tax in Silicon Valley is 8.75%. That's just one small impact on the cost of living here in the Bay Area.

  15. The Hawaii special pricing is 15-20% off the retail on the mainland.

    Hawaii is expensive, but for some reason that I don't know, a few of the premier designers offer lower prices here than on the mainland. BV and Louis Vuitton are two that I know of.
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