Reveal: Havin' A Ball With This One!

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  1. Last summer, my ex husband was becoming very discouraged looking for a new baseball glove. Most are made in China now and the quality is disappointing. He only knew of one USA brand, Nokona, and they are priced very high. Last week's FOS featured Coach's Limited Edition Heritage Baseball Glove 64496. I was very surprised to see that they were Made in the USA by Insignia Athletics, under contract with Coach. Regularly priced at $358 but now $109; my ex husband couldn't say "Get it, get it, get it." fast enough, LOL

    It is oh so nice and really pretty--Vintage Royal/Fawn. Makes me wish I had use for a baseball glove. And really makes me wish that Coach made everything in the USA!



  2. Looks great and nice deal!
  3. Holy awesomeness!!! That is great! Love the colors. Makes me want to play baseball. Okay, not really. LOL. Maybe I need this to practice with my daughter! :graucho:
  4. I've seen this before. Nothing like a new glove right as Spring Training kicks off! You're a good ex. :smile:
  5. So sweet of you!!
  6. You are a lot nicer to your ex than I am to mine! LOL

    Love it though!
  7. That is a gorgeous glove.
  8. You're nicer to you ex than I am to my! All I've ever gotten mine was a card holder at the outlet, and even that was partly a joke because he always said he never wanted anything that said Coach on it.....he secretly loves it though and almost admitted that it was really nice once....hehe! It really is a gorgeous glove though! Great work!
  9. Thanks everyone! He's my ex, but he's a good person. I considered hustling him for a SLG for myself so he could get free shipping but yeah, no, I let that pass...LOLOL.

  10. You're a better man than I am!!! LOL!!
  11. Very cool! Congrats to your Ex!
  12. Very sweet of you. :yes:
  13. When I saw that glove, I wanted it too!
  14. Cool glove! And are a nice ex.
  15. How cool is that? Good job!