**reveal haul time :d**

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  1. So I trust everyone is doing well!

    It was my 21st birthday on February 13th and lets say I had a fantastic time. Who is here for my Louis Vuitton Reveal?

  2. Here!
  3. here!
  4. Here, excited!
  5. I'm here!
  6. here! Happy birthday! :drinkup:
  7. here
  8. Here. Happy birthday. :biggrin:
  9. So it all started at 9am (yes, I woke for this time on my birthday :lol: )

    We were chauferred into London - New Bond St. Otherwise known as my 'second home' :graucho:

    Obligatory pictures! Spot my Louis Vuitton Evidence sunglasses as, surprisingly for February the weather was brilliant :cool:

    I have built a very good rapport with numerous LV SA's including those from fine jewellery and Mens including leather goods! I usually have the pleasure of heading into their client room which is always a special place. On the table was a brilliant surprise for me! LOUIS VUITTON CAKE AND CHAMPAGNE! :woohoo:

    We had a brilliant time and a few bits came home with me. (Note one item was bought recently due to lack of stock but i've hauled everything in one!)


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  10. Theres more! LOL

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  11. This piece my SA in fine jewellery is looking desperately for. It is the empriente pavé diamond ring to compliment my current empriente yellow gold and single diamond ring. Just hoping it arrives soon in my size!

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  12. Stunning haul. Congrats.
  13. Gorgeous pieces, I especially love the ring, it is stunning. Congrats, and Happy Belated Birthday!!
  14. what a birthday celebration! such classy items you picked up and the ring is to die for.
  15. Now that's what a LV birthday looks like:smile: Great items, and the sparkle in that ring! Drool:smile: Congrats on your lovely items and birthday!