1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Care to join me for a quick reveal of my early birthday presents to myself?

    IMG_8593.JPG IMG_8594.JPG IMG_8595.JPG
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  2. My birthday is in October and I deserve to purchase these for myself as early birthday presents :blush::giggle::graucho:

    Another brooch :hbeat:
    The mini o case is so practical and useful :heart:
  3. I had to take these photos during different days and times so pardon the different lighting :smile:

    Gold/pink chevron jumbo :love::love::love:

    I know a lot of the TPF ladies purchased the minis and they are so pretty :loveeyes:

    I prefer the jumbo size and some may think the finish and color are too flashy on the jumbo. But I just prefer my Chanel bags in the jumbo size :blush::giggle:

    The sunlight is peaking through into my bedroom :smile: I love how she looks with the sunlight peaking through :girlsigh:
    To me, this bag is such a chameleon and true beauty :hbeat:
  4. Lovely gifts! And a great reason to indulge in Chanel :smile: . Happy early birthday:P
  5. I was not into the new Gabrielle bags at all and then this appeared :wtf::yahoo:

    Again, with the sunlight :coolio::giggle:

    Surprisingly, this bag is so roomy and functional. I just couldn't say no to the iridescent finish and this gorgeous color

    Thank you all for joining and letting me share my early birthday presents :heart: :flowers::heart:
  6. You've gotten yourself gorgeous looking birthday presents, congrats on your fabulous hauls and advance happy birthday!
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  7. Happy Birthday Bother Free!! What a beautiful Birthday haul! i also purchased the exact mini o case and it is so buttery smooth and super functional. Congrats to you. :love::love::love:
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  8. what a great birthday haul... everything is beautiful. :heart: best wishes for a great birthday :flowers: and enjoy your new items. my fave is the jumbo
  9. OMG, My dear Bother Free, May you have a wonderful birthday my friend. I would sing but I have a terrible voice and it would translate worst via the purse forum. :heart: I wish you nothing but the best for not only this but all the years to come. Big hugs to you my dear.:hugs::drinks::hbeat::love:

    This is one amazing birthday haul my sweet friend. I am speechless:drool::yahoo: Congrats on all your wonderful new items hun.
  10. Congrats and happy birthday! That brooch is amazing !
  11. WHEEEE!! I love this! I am far from petite, minis look really odd on me - I got this in the med/large - my version of a mini :smile:. Love your Jumbo m'dear I have wondered if I should have purchased the jumbo instead :smile:
  12. Ooh
    I didn't see this beauty before I posted about the jumbo. This is SO pretty! Happy Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy early birthday!!
  14. Happy Early Birthday! Amazing haul and hope you have a great birthday month!!
  15. Amazing haul!!! Happy early Birthday