Reveal gucci red soho tote!!!

  1. This just arrived this am !!!! Love at first sight !!!
  2. Its gorgeous! Xxx
  3. Modelling shots please :biggrin:
  4. Modeling pics of my new gucci soho tote!!!
    image-2277368781.jpg image-2791307340.jpg image-3706868065.jpg
  5. Love it! The bag is gorgeous!
  6. I love this bag on you. Congrats and thanks for the awesome modelling pics :smile:
  7. Gorgeous bag! You wear it well!! It looks so good on you! Thanks for sharing!! 👌👌
  8. Stunning bag! It's one of my new favourites from Gucci!

    You've also matched it very well with your lipstick!
  9. VERY pretty bag! I am soooo in the market for a red bag! You may have just sold me on this one!
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    Oooh, you stole my bag!!!! Been lusting over this exact bag for a while now!! Jealous!!! Naw, just kidding...happy for you!! Congrats! It is a STUNNING bag and looks tight on you!!!! You wear it well!!:woohoo:

    MillionMonroe, is this the medium Soho or the large? And may I ask how tall you are?? Thanks so much!
  11. I love your bag! You're outfit as well! All of you are gorgeous dahling!
  12. Work it girl! :smile: That tote is so red and the leather is exceptionally gorgeous!
  13. Love this bag. Did you order it recently Bc it's backordered online
  14. Congrats! It looks great on too! Love it!
  15. I really think this bag is gorgeous! I've been having my eyes lately on it! Enjoy :smile: