Reveal: Gucci Bamboo Shopper!

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  1. Presenting: The Gucci Bamboo Shopper Leather Tote, Medium size, in Maple Brown.

    Note: Maple Brown is a seasonal color. It's only been out for a month or two. I honestly hadn't intended to buy this bag quite yet, but when I spoke to my SA, she told me that she had done a nationwide (U.S.) search, and had only found 100 available. Now, you just know that some of these had been floor models. which I did not want! But she had one all nicely wrapped up in its original box, in pristine condition, that she could send out to me on approval, so I just thought, "Why wait?" :biggrin:

    Could I be any more excited?

    First, let's get this little beauty unwrapped...

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  2. Next, a few model shots. I really need your honest opinion here. I stand 60" tall on a good day.:P

    Is this bag too large for me?

    My DH, who always tells me the truth about my designer bags (and is supportive of my bag habit, and has a very good eye for them, too) says "If you're gonna to have one honking big bag, it's gotta be a Gucci!"

    But still, he's a guy. :biggrin: What do you think?

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  3. I do love that it holds so much… :love:

    - my iPad, with its hard-sided Kate Spade cover (inside the bag… when I turn it sideways, it disappears completely))
    - 2 Rebecca Minkoff Cory pouches
    - 1 Marc Jacobs cream leather pouch… a gift from a special friend
    - my Marc Jacobs Long Lex wallet in in quilted cognac leather
    - my Henri Bendel iPhone case in blue Saffiano leather
    - a Totes eyeglass cleaner
    - car keys, house keys
    - a collapsible fan
    - my Levenger leather jotter & Japanese collapsible pen from Maido Stationary

    … and there's plenty of room left over for a power bar or two, a mini water bottle, a thin scarf, gloves...

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  4. Love it...glad you bought it!
  5. I think it is a keeper Elaine! It looks fantastic on you. It doesn't look too big at all. How does it feel weight wise when you add all your totally cute things in it? Is it comfortable carrying it on your arm with the bamboo handles? How is the weight distribution when worn as a crossbody bag?
  6. Thanks, SQ… so am I! It's looking less & less likely that I'll send it back!:smile:

    Thank you meg! Weight-wise isn't nearly as heavy as my MJ Mini 54, which is a much stiffer & thicker leather. This bag is soft & smooshy, which seems to make a weight difference. (Of course, when I throw in the iPad, it gets a bit heavy… but i don't carry my iPad wherever I go… it's a trade-off!).

    I don't carry satchel bags on my arm… when I'm not using the strap, I hold them by the top of the satchel. And when I've tried it that way, the bamboo feels wonderful in my hand. I was worried that it would hurt because of the "bumps," but it just feels organic and fabulous. I wonder if the bamboo will change color over time, just from being exposed to the oils in my hands? I'll have to write to Barbara at LMB and ask her… she seems to know everything! There's also a Bamboo Handle thread on the Gucci Forum… I could ask them.

    When worn as a crussbody, the weight distribution is exactly right. But I'm going to do some more tests this afternoon (after I take a nap, which will be soon) to be sure about that. I may walk down the block carrying it… it's a nice sunny day out, so I think I can take the chance. I just have to be sure not to fall, or to be slobbered on by my neighbor's friendly pooch! :lol:
  7. Wow Elaine, you look fabulous with it!! Love the jackets to it...
    Not too big for you it's perfect size. Congratulation dear :smile:
  8. Thanks for the modeling pics! It's the perfect size and looks wonderful on you! The maple colour on the bamboo shopper is a beautiful neutral and will look lovely carried in any season.
  9. Congratulations! Great, classic bag in every respect.

    I agree with everyone else, the size is just right (after all, it a shopper)
  10. Thanks, dear! I had fun putting different jackets with it!

    I am in LOVE with the maple color. They're going to sell out of it, and i didn't want to miss it! I agree that it's a year-round color… that's one of the ways I justified it, LOL!

    You're right about that, papertiger… and I don't have a shopper in my collection (until now, that is!)

    Thank you so much, Cilifene, GhstDreamer, and papertiger… I really appreciate the feedback! I'm leaning more and more towards getting it.

    A friend from another thread, who is my height (and therefore struggles with larger bags, just the way I do!) thought it looked better held as a satchel rather than worn as a cross body, so I posted this picture wearing it as a shoulder strap… and the more I looked at it that way, the more I liked it.

    So now I'm thinking this bag might be best either carried by the handles or just on the shoulder, instead of with the strap across my body (unless I have an armload of groceries, LOL!) I've been trying it that way today, and it's very comfy. I've also turned the strap around so that the buckle is toward the front.

    Any thoughts on this bag as a shoulder strap?

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  11. I tend to carry my bags by the handles even when there is a shoulder strap unless if I'm carrying a ton of things. I got the disco bag which is a crossbody but I'm not that comfortable wearing it that way so on the shoulder is how I'm planning on wearing it. I think your bamboo shopper looks great just on the shoulder especially if you feel more comfortable wearing it that way. I really like the way the bamboo shopper looks when carried by the handles.

    I'm the same height as you and I love large bags!
  12. Thanks for the moral support, GhstDreamer! It's funny… The Hubster & I were discussing that very issue this afternoon! He thinks that, while a really GIANT bag would probably look silly on me, I have too many preconceived "rules" about my height and the size of a bag I "ought" to wear. His thinking is that it all depends on the specific bag: the color, the style, the shape, the outfit I'm wearing… so many variables! So I'm going to be a little braver in the future, and try to be less rule-bound. :biggrin:

    I was THIS close to putting a big red shoulder strap/satchel bag on eBay (15" across, lovely leather) but he talked me out of it. And now your comment is the icing on the cake! In fact, I'm going to carry it tomorrow when we take a friend out to lunch. And I think it will look great!
  13. I think it looks very nice on you, you should keep it! The color is stunning and the bamboo handles are gorgeous!
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    I love this bag. Have my eye on the smaller version in purple metallic. Its a good size on you not too big has more width than height. I also agree with your friend about it being carried crossbody. Have you thought of doubling up the strap to shoulder carry instead. I prefer hand carry with bags like this as I am the same height as you too. I avoid bags with long straps unless detachable. Trying to find a shoulder bag for us petite ladies that isn't too long or too wide is getting more and more difficult. Congrats elaine and enjoy your beautiful bag.
  15. Quote "So now I'm thinking this bag might be best either carried by the handles or just on the shoulder" quote

    I should add in response to your query about it being carried like this on your shoulder. You will probably end up with a sore back. I had a LV noe bb (long strap) and I carried as a shoulder bag instead of crossbody. But because the weight of the bag was lower down and swayed around like a pedulumn I always ended up with a sore back because you end up leaning to one side because the weight is so low down.

    Try doubling up the strap to shorten it so it sits up higher. To do this, undo the strap and attach both clips to the one ring (either front or back) and then loop the end without the buckle through the ring on the other side and now buckle up. So it looks something like this…. (although not a Gucci bag)...

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