Reveal: Gorgeous New Venice Satchel

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  1. This is one amazing bag. The zippers are so rocker chic and the leather is almost silky. I love love love it! Check out the zipper on the shoulder strap - very cool. This is my first new Botkier in a long time and I am thrilled with it - the size, the style is totally perfect! :yahoo::yahoo:[​IMG]

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  2. Congrats on your new Botkier, lccsue! This bag is worth every once of excitement! From the zippers to the gorgeous leather. It looks like the same type of black leather on my sasha hobo, thin and light but soft and durable? I can't wait to feel one and try one on!
  3. Thanks itzme! The leather is exactly how you described! You will love it!
  4. This is a beautiful bag! Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous bag! :drool: Congrats, lccsue!
  6. Congratulations :yahoo: for getting this beautiful purse. I would love to get the Venice Satchel or Venice Hobo for my birthday. Can you wear this bag comfortably over your shoulder by the handles?
  7. Thanks everyone! Yes AlwaysLoveBags, I can where this over my shoulder with the handles. Will try to take some modelling pics tomorrow to show you. My DH even did a double take when he saw it - he thinks it is very cool, and he doesn't often offer his opinion (instead usually rolls his eyes when I get a new addition).
  8. The leather looks wonderful! Congrats on getting such a fantastic bag!
  9. OMG, I love this bag!!!
  10. Yes please try to take mod pics! I love the Venice satchel, it is such a lovely bag! If I had extra funds I'd be dying for one...

  11. You got a lovely purse. I am happy that your husband loves the purse too. I am interested in getting this purse for my birthday. I love to buy purses that can be carried on my shoulder. Thanks for answering my question. I cannot wait to see the modeling pictures.:smile:
  12. Congratulations, your new bag is utterly fabulous!!!

    I want one, too!! Please post modeling pics! :nuts:
  13. What a gorgeous bag!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  14. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see modeling pics. I've been thinking about getting the satchel/hobo in caramel. Haven't decided which one though.....
  15. Very neat bag, and indeed looks very rockerchick, me likey.