Reveal, going back to Nordstrom tomorrow!

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  1. So beautiful! But not in love. This will be going back to Nordstrom in San Diego, if anyone wants to snag it up! From 16c, bright blue, light gold HW.

  2. I love this Blue!
  3. Sorry it's not love but it's beautiful!
  4. Love the color, beautiful blue!
  5. Lovely color.
  6. It's gorgeous congrats!!
  7. One picture is bright blue and the other is teal -- which is it. :smile:

  8. One pic with flash, the other not. It's the blue from 16c!
  9. Exchanged for this baby!!!!
    No flash
    With flash
    Don't mind the spot, there's a piece of dust in my iPhone camera 🙄
  10. Love it!
  11. Beautiful! Congratulations!!

  12. I only saw a boy clutch with a shoulder strap.