Reveal Glazed Fine Wine Everyday

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  1. I really wanted a wine bag and was contemplating buying an RM MN wine on bonz but an so happy I didn't and glad I went with this new style.

    I LOVE this bag. The color is perfect and the tassel with all the little details is great! I'm not fond of gold/brass whatever this hardware is but it suits the bag and color and it's not overwhelming.

    Sorry for the pictures I'm not a great photographer.

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  2. last pic

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  3. It looks great on you! I am loving this leather!
  4. Congrats on your GFW Everyday!! I love this leather and the style is perfect on you.
    Thanks for the great pictures!!
  5. such a lovely bag. Congrats!
  6. Everytime I see gfw I gasp! It's gorgeous on you! Goes surprisingly well with grey and blue, as I imagined it to go especially well with warmer tones. Loving the versatility of this color! Rock it, lady!
  7. It's gorgeous!
  8. thanks for the pics! i agree with everyone GFW is a very pretty color and u wear it well :tup: congrats!
  9. Congrats! The leather is tdf.
  10. gorgeous!
  11. Love it on you! Congrats!! It is really pretty color!

    Btw, do u mind telling your height? do you think it will be too big for a 5" petite gal like me??

  12. 5ft not " lol

  13. Hey Tia,

    I am 5'2" tall and a size 4. The bag is a bit taller and wider than a mam but it's not as deep. I don't find it huge. It doesn't puddle right now the way my mams do and I don't know if the glazed leathers do puddle.

  14. So pretty!!!! Grats!!
  15. These pics make me so glad I bought a wine Everyday yesterday!

    Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I can see myself owning this in multiple colors.