Reveal: Frontrow Sneakers + mod shot

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  1. I bought these gorgeous sneakers when on holiday in Barcelona over the weekend! So versatile and I have a feeling they'll become my new go-to trainers! I have blisters from breaking them in but it was worth it.

    So happy they had them in my size!

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  2. Beautiful! Do they run true to size?
  3. They do! I wear either a 41 or a 41.5, these are 41 and they're very comfy
  4. I love those sneakers. :heart: Enjoy walking in style. :biggrin:
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  5. oh no blisters :sad:
    I got the same pair but haven't worn them yet, waiting for the colder weather..they look great on you, congrats!
  6. Congrats! I have been eyeing these; always unsure what size to get. Glad to hear they are true to size.

    Sorry to hear they gave you blisters.
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  7. Congrats.
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