Reveal from Paris

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  1. Hello friends,

    Me and my boyfriend have been in Paris for a week and he decided to take the plunge and buy his first Louis Vuitton purchase!

    Who is around for an exciting reveal?!

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  3. Here!
  4. Me! Tie?
  5. No, not a tie!
    The SA was kind enough to give us a smaller box so we could pack it and take it home. It's a tight fit!

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  6. Keepall... maybe?
  7. Open it already! Crowd is getting both rowdy and impatient! :lol:
  8. One more tease! :P

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  9. I'm here
  10. Here!
  11. Here :popcorn:
  12. Keepall?! Gosh you must've suffocated it!
  13. Op?
  14. :popcorn:
  15. Here...