Reveal from Black Friday sale

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  1. Presenting my new found zipped bays in large size . Love this color (Dark Blush) - taupe/beige tone. It's 45% off from the Black Friday Sale :smile:

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  2. Lovely! Enjoy!
  3. Soooo beautiful!!
  4. Absolutely beautiful
  5. Gorgeous! Enjoy
  6. Very pretty and great price! Congratulations!
  7. Congrats, very pretty!!!
  8. lovely blush! :tup: enjoy!
  9. Pretty!
  10. I am looking at this colour in the small zipped Bayswater size. Would you say the colour is hard to match to everyday outfits? Could one use the bag also during fall/winter? Thank you so much
  11. Hello, all of my bags - no matter what brand - are in this nude / pink shade and I am wearing them all year through !!! I use Collonil caring products and never had an issue with any of it ! You have to be a little more careful than with bags in dark colors, but as I am careful with all my bags, I don´t mind. This shade of color really goes with everything (in my opinion) ......

    Hope that helped ; - )))
  12. Can you tell me where you bought it ; - )))
  13. Bought it from the mulberry boutique at Westfield mall Santa Clara , California. It was originally located in Las Vegas. My SA had it shipped to CA store. That’s the only one available at that time in the country.
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  14. Wow 45% off, that’s an amazing deal! I didn’t even know The Mulberry boutiques had Black Friday sales!
  15. The boutique that I regularly go to often has a 'sales' section, which ranges 20-30% off. Once or twice a year they have a bigger sale (which is about additional 30% off). My SA notified me when this happens, so I take advantage of it!