Reveal from a newbie......

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  1. Hi eveyone:biggrin:

    I thought I would take this opportunity to say hello and reveal my shopping from London yesterday. Apologies if you have seen these several times, I am just so excited! I went with the intention of purchasing a Mitzy pouch in pink leopard and the matching long locked purse, mission accomplished:biggrin: What I did not bank on was falling head or heels in love with the Alexa also:love: I liked the bag on the website but loved it irl. I was gutted it was o/o/s in New Bond St, but Selfridges had some, so I present my lovely little family........Thanks for reading xx

    PS I am glad I got them yesterday because my DF cannot be mad at me today as it's Valentines!!

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  2. Ooh, they are gorgeous - no wonder you are excited! Congrats on the beautiful family:yahoo:
  3. What a brilliant start - I love each and every one of your buys.
  4. Thank you so much Jenova and Kriscat, I am so happy with them, I only really got into Mulberry at the end of last year and with thanks to this lovely forum I am now a die hard fan!!xx
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats
  6. Wow they are gorgeous, fantastic choice :smile:
  7. Amazing haul Mulberry Fan :woohoo: - you must be over the moon . Congratulations and :welcome2: to the forum - aka the slippery slope.
  8. :cutesy: Welcome!
    And what lovely purchases :biggrin:
  9. What a great start of Mulberry journey (of which has no end) - great timing to make purchase too lol, thank you for sharing the joy!

    Welcome to Mulberry house :flowers:
  10. wow, what a great days shopping :happydance:
  11. Thanks everyone, this forum is amazing and has taught me so much about Mulberry! I am sure I am on a very slippery slope indeed:graucho:but it is one I am very happy to be on!!
  12. what a beautiful collection - and all in one go, how exciting!
  13. That is just beautiful! I love everything you purchased! Congrats!
  14. What a beautiful haul you have there! Not bad for a 'Newbie' lol!
  15. WOW Mulberry fan, you did well! Gorgeous purchases, all of them!