Reveal! Fresh off Singapore Chanel Boutique!

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  1. congrats on your Woc, it's beautiful. We need modelling pics.
  2. Hey babe, RED totally ROCKS! In fact I think its nicer and more outstanding than black...
    So now I might just grab 1 in red too, thanks to you! :smile:
  3. Congrats! Looking forward to see your MOD pics! :smile:

    Mind me asking how much is it retailing for?
  4. SarahRae, ooh...Chanel Halfmoon WOC in RED would most definitely brighten up your day and all of us as a matter of fact! Thank you for sharing! Take good care and enjoy your little beauty! :flowers:
  5. Thanks babe!:smile:
  6. Thanks so much hon! :hugs: :flowers:
    I have to agree this burgundy red is just so beautiful and it never fails to cheer me up! :smile:
  7. Hehe I'm gonna try taking them this Friday babe. :smile:

    It's retailing for SGD$2010. Hope it helps!
  8. I have to agree babe. Black seems too common and boring. Am glad I got the red! :yahoo:

    Woohoo! We'll be WOC twins soon!!! :graucho:
  9. Thanks babe! Will try to post mod pics over the weekend! :graucho:
  10. Managed to sneak in a few mod photos before bedtime! :blush: Please excuse the sloppy attire! :blush:

    Will be officially using my new baby this Friday, so will be taking more photos! :happydance:

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  11. Congrats on your beautiful new half moon WOC!
  12. Congrats!!
  13. Thanks ladies! :flowers:
  14. she's lovely!!! congrats, dear OP! hope you're feeling better now :smile:
  15. Lovely. Remember to post in the WOC thread...