Reveal! Fresh off Singapore Chanel Boutique!

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  1. It's so pretty! I hope everything goes well for you soon!

    Put the past behind and live for tomorrow! ;)
  2. Thank you so much sweetie :hugs::flowers: and I just can't agree more. Tomorrow's a brand new day!!! :tup::tup:
  3. i'm a red LOVER ~ just lovely ~ enjoy!
  4. What a lovely red WOC to cheer you up!!! Stay strong classy woman!!!
  5. Thanks babe! :smile:
  6. It sure has alleviate the pain somehow. Many thanks sweetie! :hugs:
  7. Very nice and I love the color! Congratulations and enjoy :biggrin:!
  8. Very cute! Congrats.
  9. wow...congrats dear! Lovely colour!
  10. Thanks **Chanel**, saks4me and stefeilnately! :flowers:
  11. congrats! :biggrin: she looks beautiful!!! :biggrin:
  12. love the half moon, I have it in navy congrats!
  13. Thanks jperiwinkle and dezynrbaglaydee! :smile:
  14. So pretty! I love the color!
  15. Thanks IrisCole! :smile: