Reveal: FOS Purchases

GA Peach

Sep 23, 2013
Here are a few things I've picked up during the last 2 FOS sales.........I was able to shop last Monday but couldn't get into Wednesday's sale so I'll have to see if I can shop tomorrow..........

I wanted the Bleecker Riley when it first came out but waited for a deal and almost pulled the trigger when it was 50% off. When it popped up for $167 on FOS I snagged it.

I love the Pink Ruby wristlet. The color is vibrant and it's light-weight in my purse. I almost forgot about the Rouge Clutch because I was so not a clutch carrier but I like them for weddings, events, and going out to dinner.

The Fuchsia planner comes in handy for tracking my work schedule and then the Black went to clearance so my plan is to use Fuchsia for Spring/Summer then switch to Black for Fall/Winter.


Jul 17, 2008
nice haul! The Riley wasn't on my radar at all, but yesterday I saw a black saff one at Macy's...and I was very impressed.