reveal: first Y bag!!! comments & suggestions!

  1. hello YSL ladies!
    this is my first time posting here... :smile: and what a good first post to introduce my newest baby... YSL Neo reversible tote in brown and green!

    .. i like it, but i don't know if LOVE it.. :wondering:wondering:shrugs::shrugs:

    I've always wanted a bag that the same size & style as the LV neverfull or Goyard St. Louis, but i refuse to buy it.. because i find it too expensive for a canvass bag..

    When i saw these, i was very excited and purchased them even without seeing it in person!..

    The bag can be slouchy if it's not filled.. but once i had all my stuff in, it actually stands, because it has 5 studs/feet on the bottom..

    Thoughts? Comments?
    photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 1.JPG
  2. it is a very chic bag, especially in a colour combo you have....I am also not in love with this particular style, but it looks cool when I look at you in your photos. I have a test for myself when I am in doubt. I attempt to return the bag, and feel it in that moment - if I let go easily and feel a relief, that was the right decision, but I also had cases when I gave up in fear of losing it :smile: I almost sold my Roady, but pulled it off market as soon as I posted it, because I am actually in love with it although is rediculously large. You can test yourself the same way :smile:
  3. hi vesna!
    thanks for your reply!

    i actually have done that same "test".. and usually, whenever i post something for sale, and then if i can't sleep at night, i pull the listing right away..

    things is with this bag, i bought this online at HGbags... and while i got the bag for an amazing steal, she has a very steep return policy (15% restocking fee)...

    so im not sure what to do.. :confused1::confused1: the very big opening of this Neo might be a problem for me future...

    i know that i like a tote bag.. and i know i want it to be leather..

  4. wow, it is steep !

    well, I would keep the bag, embelish it with a scarf tied to keep it from opening all the way all the time, and wear it proudly knowing that I have a piece of history, a Y symbol which will soon be erased from YSL iconic logo. I like having a piece of history with me, it gives even deeper meaning to something so simple and everyday thing like a bag..I love my besace because I know it was made after the bag Yves used to carry to work himself...and a Y-mail logo (although I HATE logos) gives a story to my wallet because it is a copy of YSL's handwriting from a postcard he wrote to his company. I love my YSL easy because of the same use of Y in stitching :smile:)) soon it is going to be a rarity :graucho:
  5. I love the look of that bag, especially when it is on the brown side! I could see myself using this for my everyday work bag.

    I agree with Vesna, it would cute with a scarf, especially on the black side.
  6. Yes, Vesna's suggestion is sound and like she mentioned, that 'Y' will soon be a thing of the past. I like the combo and think it looks great on you. Also lovely that the neo is a reversible bag - two bags for the price of one :yes:
  7. vesna, what a perfect suggestion!
    i just visualized the bag with a scarf and i'm liking it!! thanks soooo much!!!

    and yes, i agree with the Y being a rarity very soon... although i still can't believe they're revamping YSL to SLP!
    Y is sooo much associated with brand! and i like that all the bags have Ys but not in logos like LV or Gucci..

    This is my very first YSL.. definitely not my last.. i'm targetinng Easy or Muse 2 next!!

  8. I like it and agree with Vesna. I have to buy one before it's too late!
  9. Go get them Ms.Brit!
    I love it! Been using it non-stop since i got it! :smile: