Reveal!! First rockstuds...will they stretch?

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  1. Hi all,

    Thanks for your advice so far on this forum. Finally my rockstuds arrived. Denim flats and I love them!

    I ordered half size bigger than my normal 39. Most my louboutins are 39, rockstuds 39.5. They fit pretty perfect but I worry if they got any bigger would then start slipping.

    Because they are flats, I think comfort is key as I'm buying them for days I don't want to wear heels.

    So, does grained leather stretch massively or do you think it will be ok to keep this size as they fit me nicely to start with?

    Pics below:




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  2. Beautiful ballerina flats! I do not own them, but considering its full leather, I see no reason why they wouldnt stretch...
  3. They slip off when I take them off far too easily and there is a little gap at the back, when walking though they don't slip off. I have ordered a 39 and I will compare. I love them lots! Rockstuds 100's next!