Reveal: First Givenchy

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  1. Took me a year of deciding whether to get this or not, it was my birthday yesterday and there was a Givenchy boutique serendipitously where we had lunch, so... :>

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  2. [​IMG]
    Small Pandora in Old Pink ! I've been eyeing a Pandora for over a year now, and here it is :heart:
  3. Gorgeous bag!!! So pretty! Congrats, you are going to wear her with pride :smile: and happy birthday!
  4. Gorgeous, congrats! The Pandora looks so good in this leather. :smile:
  5. Wow! That is stunning! Happy Birthday to you!
  6. What a splendid beauty
  7. Gorgeous bag. I've been eyeing a small pandora instead of an ant. My second Gi if ever. I hope you post more modeling pics in diff lighting to show more the beauty of its color if you have the time. Enjoy!! Happy bitrthday to ya!!
  8. wow, this is just beautiful. congratulations :smile:
  9. What a beautiful bag and colour! Happy birthday!
  10. Beautiful ! Congrats !!
  11. Gorgeous! I have been thinking about that exact color and bag. Love it!
  12. Congrats!! It's gorgeous!
  13. Thanks everyone! I'm so happy with it, also helps that the leather still smells so good, I open the dust bag and get a whiff of it every now and then :smile:

    Bringing this out today! I'll try to take pictures :smile:
  14. Lovely! Given the light color, hopefully you'll apply some Collonil (or similar) protector before wearing.

    I finally wore my bright yellow small panda last week, and the first day I experienced color transfer wearing it with a chambray (similar to denim) dress. Thankfully, it came off fairly easily with leather cleaner once I noticed.

    Congrats...and enjoy
  15. Hi guys, i dont know if its the correct forum but im really torn between pandora and givenchy. I wan to get both in medium. What are your thoughts guys? Ive been wanting to have pandora for a while but the popularity of antigona is getting, there must be something with the bag. Thank you for your response! :smile: