Reveal: First ever luxury designer and Prada bag!

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  1. Hi all!
    I've been following this forum for the last couple of months reading about people's experience with their various designer bags. I've been looking for a functional, sophisticated work bag that would suit my lifestyle and work and am so happy to say that I have found the perfect bag for me! I bought this bag in Canada at a Prada boutique and had to have the SA order this from the states as the colour was unavailable all across Canada. I have been using this bag for the past week and am very happy with it! It's my first ever luxury designer bag purchase and my first Prada bag at that so I am every excited and find that it's a good size for my 5'2 frame.

    Introducing my Prada galleria in medium in the colour pomice =). The pictures below are all in natural lighting. Excuse the wall paint flaking in the second photo haha.
    Prada 2.jpg IMG_5008.JPG
  2. Very pretty and well suited to your purposes! Congrats.
  3. Really nice! Congrats!

    Kind regards,
  4. Such a pretty color!
  5. Congrats. Looks great!
  6. Thank you all for the congratulatory messages! Certainly saving up for this bag as a belated birthday present and a treat for a work promotion was well worth the wait!
  7. That looks beautiful! Does it fit a laptop?
  8. Yes! It fits a 12 inch macbook
  9. Congratulations !! Love your new bag watch out it’s contagious:smile:
  10. Gorgeous purchase very functional and durable! Enjoy using her!
  11. Nice! I like this colour too. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Enjoy the prada bag girl.
  13. Amazing reveal! Thank you for sharing.