REVEAL!!!!!..(FINALLY!!!!)..Part 1

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  1. Hello All!!!...I'm so very excited!!!!..(clapping!!)...but I can't really reveal until tommorow!!!...BUT!!!..alas!!...I will leave you with a teaser!!!!


    We all know this right??!!
  2. I'm leaving with a cliffhanger!!!...until tommorow!!!...STAY TUNED!!!
  3. Good morning all!!!...anybody up and ready for a reveal??..(super excited!!!!..)

  4. image-3749432733.jpg

    Gift I actually DIDN'T plan to get for myself first!!!!
    image-690935677.jpg image-322784767.jpg image-3122907521.jpg image-3669717058.jpg
  5. Another view of the shoe!!!

    image-2379014215.jpg image-3953335100.jpg image-3959170746.jpg image-28140326.jpg image-2712199346.jpg image-2866180693.jpg image-1955017503.jpg
  6. So!!!...without further adieu....INTRODUCING MY CHANEL GST IN BLACK CAVIAR LEATHER!!!!...(clapping and roaring with the crowd!!!) very first CHANEL PURCHASE!!!
  7. Sorry that the pics came before the captions...just soo excited!!!...and sorry the pics send out of sequence!!!
  8. Congratulations! Nice GST and where did you find the gorgy shoes. I love the shoes. Very happy for you!
  9. Thank you so very much!!!!...glad I finally got it!!!...the shoes are located at the Chanel Boutique in the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey
  10. :woohoo: