Reveal! Finally got...

Okay, when DH and I went to LV boutique a few weeks ago, I was planning to get a certain bag that I had been wanting. But, when he mentioned Trevi GM, it was "forget that!" So, I figured it would be my next bag, but not for awhile. Then, last week, on ebay, I spotted MY BAG!!! Quickly got the wonderful LV Authenticators to say it was OKAY and today she arrived!



Priscilla Ann 09/2017!!!❤️
Apr 16, 2009
Ooooh I think this is my first live one... OPEN!!! WOW!!! She's soo BEAUTIFUL!!! I love black epi!!!


Jun 21, 2008
I know I did! You and I have both had Epi Black Speedys on our wish list. I'm so glad I can move mine up! Have you checked out the 25 and 30 at the boutique? I felt like the 25 would be hard to get in and out of. Both are gorgeous, classic bags though.
Yes I have checked out both, I didn't find the opening to be problem for me...I actually prefer the 25 for me...only because when I get my black epi 25...I will be taking it work and I don't like big bags for work. I like a grab and go bag...but now you have got me thinking...I for one surely don't see anything wrong with having a 25 & 30 later on down the line.