Reveal! Ferragamo newbie goodies!

  1. This was my first time in Ferragamo at Manhasset and to be honest.... I went a little crazy. I can't get over how comfy the flats were and the selection and quality of the leather in the bags and SLGs were very impressive. I got the Vara flap in matching color . The leather is like the Saffiano leather from Prada and I can wear it crossbody. I just love the GHW . This was my first time but obviously not going to be my last. I will probably go back to get the navy patent Varinas and pick out a wallet for my Vara Flap for fall:graucho:. Oh, plus I couldn't resist a cute little leather bracelet:smile:
    Thanks for letting me share.
  2. Oops here's the group shot:smile:
  3. I adore the Vara flap! I was thinking of getting it in black but it looks so good in this oxblood color!!
  4. Hi plumaplomb, thanks for the nice comments :smile:. The black was gorgeous but they only had it with silver and I love gold hardware. But yes, I loved the color and was originally going for the red varinas when this color caught my eye and when I saw the matching bag, it was a no brainer.
  5. Some lovely goodies, you have there!!! Would love some mod shots?

    Well done on a fantastic haul!

    E x
  6. That's a perfect red for me! Wow!
  7. Thanks so much Elizabel! I will try to post the mod shots:smile:

    Thanks for visiting and yes, I did love this color. I had to say it was a tough decision btw this and the deep red

    I just picked up another pair today Vara in navy. Wanted to try a little heel:smile: hopefully will receive in a week.
  8. Congrats Rowy you got a lovely haul here! I would like to see some mod shots of the beautiful Vara flap too!
  9. Thank you my dear friend, ask and you shall receive
  10. With the matching varinas
  11. Chain strap doubled. Why do some pics post sideways and some do not is a mystery to me....
  12. Sorry for humongous pics:nogood::shame:
  13. Thanks for the awesome modeling pictures! You look great with the bag styled casually, more dressed up, and both long and short! It's really nice with the matching flats too! Congrats rowy! :smile:
  14. Thanks so much Poohbag :hugs: Only thing is I wore the Vara flap today and the chain strap was quite uncomfortable. I don't know if its the weight of the Saffiano leather. I'm quite disappointed and distressed because I really love the bag. I wear the Dior Pochettes with chain strap and they dont bother my shoulders but they're made of lamb. I tried wearing it crossbody , on the shoulder and doubled. My plan was to use this as a daily bag:cry::sad: