Reveal Fendi Twins Tote

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    I've been searching for sometime now for a Twins tote in this colour combo with strap and zip closure (most are magnetic closures) and finally got my hands on one! :smile:




  2. pretty Fendi bag, congrats 8)
  3. What a gorgeous tote! Congrats1
  4. So jealous!! This is a beautiful bag!! Congratulations!!
  5. Gorgeous classy!
  6. Stunning Tote...big congrats
  7. oh my god I want it so bad, in black, where did you get this gorgeous bag laura?
  8. You know what I got it off eBay :O It's brand new with tags still attached and all paperwork etc for an absolute steal! :smile: Had been looking around everywhere for ages it turns out they are pretty hard to come by now so i couldn't believe my luck! Might be worth keeping an eye on eBay
  9. nice bag for work~!!
  10. OH WOW!
    Big Congrats!! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:
    I am still lusting for one of these....!:graucho:
  11. Gorgeous bag...color fabulous! Congratulations!!
  12. **** Thanks for all the lovely comments :smile: ****
  13. Congrats! I have a navy one!
  14. Very beautiful Tote, the color is timeless and the hardware add to the classiness of the shape of the bag. Congrats.
  15. beautiful- very stunning color!