[Reveal] Femme x Homme

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  1. Again.. been to my lovely Dior boutique.. and this time.. I finally got my size! I always loved those racer heels from Cruise 2014, but my size was always out of stock, or sometimes the shoes is not even made in that size plus a pretty narrow cut :cry: ... I have the biggest feet ever! :lol:

    Anyways, I've finally got these babies! Plus.. Dior Homme sneakers again! (for myself) :lol: .... plus, a Chiffre Rouge for V'Day for my hubby.. and it was the perfect one! I was hesitating between the red and black.. both looked so good, but what was the push that made me get the red?? The number on it!!... The watch's number is both my hubby's birthday and mine! it was just meant to be lol.. and I snatched it.. Sorry I only have one photo of it.. took it at the boutique, but cannot open it now, its all wrapped up nicely in its box :biggrin:

    And this is such a tease (can't take pics or open them lol).. I had my nephew with me shopping and we picked lots of stuff! I wish I can open and take photos.. but I'm not allowed! :lol: You can just see the Dior Homme bags laying around in his room lol

    We picked him 3 shoes, 1 jacket, 4 t-shirts, 1 bag, 1 hoodie , sunglasses, a knitwear, and he's still thinking about that python loafers lol.. told him to wait till later for the next collection coming.

    P.S. Having some sort of competition now with this guy! He's been like "Auntie, you're all Dior.. I'm gonna beat you in Dior Homme!" :coolio:

    Anyway, leave you with the photos here now. :biggrin:


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  2. Love the shoes!
  3. Thanks :smile:
  4. Wow I love your new goodies! Those racer heels look very comfortable. And the watch is really cool!

    The last picture with all the Dior Homme bags really makes a statement because they're very dark black.
  5. Gorgeous shoes and great sneakers; love the watch for DH; the red accent is really fabulous.
  6. Yes! thank you so much :love: :heart:
  7. What a great shipping report! You guys sure had fun.... Love love your new shoes they are well worth the wait.

  8. Definitely.. I love them! :smile:)
  9. Beautiful :smile:)
  10. Love the shoes!
  11. Thank you :love: :heart:
  12. Lovely haul!
  13. Thanks :love: :heart: