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May 25, 2013
First of all, thanks to everyone who helped me out a while back for my first flap purchase :ty:

The journey started here Opinions please: First Flap - Medium or Jumbo
and I feel very happy with my choices and purchases this year so far.

I wanted to have both a classic flap and a reissue. I started out with the classic flap and I am so happy after waiting about two months, I finally get to purchase my very first reissue. There is a rule at my boutique that for the classics, there would have to be at least two months pause in between purchases :wondering

I was dead sure that the 226 size is the best for me. I tried it on before and I was sure it is perfect for me. After having my first medium classic flap, I realized and learned for myself that with this kind of bag, I personally prefer the small and elegant look. I feel so lady-like everytime I am wearing my medium classic flap. I really do recommend not buying both at once but rather give time between purchases in order to experience how one would go about with the bag and if it really is a perfect fit.

At the moment, I feel Chanel content although I am already thinking about what to buy at Rue Cambon when I get there in November. I still have room for a Boy and then I think that I should give my bank account a break first :smile:

Without much further ado, here is she...such a beautiful classic - my new 225 Reissue :heart:. What a genius Coco was!


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