Reveal Etiquette

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  1. I've noticed of late that there are many posters who start reveals with teaser headlines—something along the lines of "Absolutely Fantastic Reveal: You Won't Believe What I Got!!!"

    They post a intro paragraph. Maybe there's a picture of a stack of Hermes boxes, too. Drum roll....
    Then the original poster goes pouf!!! Disappears!!!

    People have lined up for the reveal. We're ready to cheer you on. We've got popcorn!

    Nothing from the OP. Crickets — for 12 to 48 hours.

    IMO, this disrespects forum members time.

    I recognize that OPs are excited about his or her reveal!!! I've been there. TPFers want to cheer alongside you.

    If you are implying a large reveal in your thread title, you need to post pictures of the bag or a significant highlight of your reveal within a couple of hours of starting it — not twillies, not ties, not bag charms. Write your content. Take, watermark and size your pictures—before you start your reveal.

    Most people on the forum are busy professionals and our time is precious.

    Thank you.
  2. I agree EB, I understand it's summer in some of the world, people are traveling etc but then do the reveal after you get home. We want to cheer with you and celebrate and honestly the fun wears off about 7 photos of dust bags later. H tests our patience enough waiting and finding these things! Just rip the dust cover off and show the bag people, it's WAY more fun to read!
  3. It drives me crazy!!! Glad I am not alone on this.. :eek:
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  4. Hear, hear!
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  5. :tup:
  6. This is one of my absolute pet peeves. Thank you, EB, for articulating this so well. I don't even mind some lead-up, especially if there's a good story behind the item(s) being revealed. But promising a reveal and then disappearing for hours on end Drives. Me. Bonkers. To the point where I will often leave and not come back.
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  7. Me too! It actually gets me annoyed and not interested anymore when reveals take longer than 2 days. :annoyed:
  8. Totally with y'all on this. I often wonder what the OP thinks this does. Generate more excitement?

    I am like you, I lose interest and don't come back later.
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  9. Well said!!!
  10. I's so exciting to share in our fellow members' reveals but if they take days without any pics they end up being a bit frustrating. Then I can't find the old thread because it's been a while and have to scroll through all the pages and so on and so forth.
    I too think there's a difference between sharing a nice reveal story (even if long) and starting a thread but then disappearing.

    Thanks for starting this thread!
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  11. +100% bravo eb
  12. 2 days? Very patience
    Half day max for me
    Dont tease no big deal
    Not interested
  13. EB, Ive decided to just comment a week later :biggrin: if I remember... :sleepy: Or After a nap or 3!
  14. Totally agree with OP! Just put all the pics in one post.
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  15. Yay! Love the topic of this thread. ITA!!
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