Reveal: Espresso Anyone?

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  1. all these sales had my credit card smoking...I couldn't resist the sale at shopshebang, especially with free shipping...

    So I got this yesterday from them....



    Any ideas on what it is?
  2. WOOHOO!!!!!

    More more more!
  3. Have we had an espresso reveal yet???

    I was going to make you all wait, but I stink at secrets!
  4. Espresso Boogie perhaps????:graucho:
  5. <whining>I don't want to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think this is our first Espresso reveal!
  7. Hurry!!!! I have to go to work!!!! :P
  8. I'm trying to figure out what it is haha it doesn't look like a Boogie strap really.....
  9. Is it a Forward Thinking????????
  10. The color is my espresso Immeasureable!!!

  11. :faint: LOOK at that leather!!!!!! OMG Ode she's gorgeous!!

    And I should have known it was an Immeasurable...this is like an S.A.T. question...

    Tyger Kitty : Minilisa
    Odebdo : Immeasurable

    :P :flowers:
  12. I do love the Immeasureable!!

    And now I am thinking if Tano's brown is this GORGEOUS...I may need to re-look at black...

    I am serious...the espresso is just SO RICH...and that trim...WOW!
  13. It is gorgeous.....!!! And Tano black crunch is just flat out sexy.

    But it makes me wonder how hot this bag will be in smoke come fall....

    Can we have a pic of the lining of your pretty new bag, please, Ode??? :drool:
  14. Okay Deb, while I was waiting for this reveal I went to Shebang and bought an Espresso Boogie. . . you now owe me $188!! LOL! If I was ooo-ing and aahhhh-ing your Immeasurable, I would haven't strayed. . . LOL!!! :P

    It's gorgeous!!!! Congratulations!!!!! :yahoo:
  15. I second Voo!! Black Crunch is DEAD SEXY!!