Reveal......Epi Cassis


Jan 29, 2008
I remember seeing the cassis color around 2008 and just fell in love. At that time I had other LV bags in mind and so did not buy it. Few years have passed now and I kept admiring the cassis color LV bags (on ebay and other sites).

Few weeks ago I went to Indianapolis LV. Their the SA show me the Quesche color in Brea. Once again :love: But I can't justify spending around $2300 for the bag. So here I found the Madeleine PM in Cassis on Fashionphile in new condition. I had to get it. I needed a shoulder bag, so here she is. Color is very close to the new Quesche. I had to overnight it, so I get it by Friday :smile:

A special thanks to the authenticators here :smile: