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  1. I have been needing a black Bag so badly and of course I wanted it to be Chanel for Mother's Day my fiancé purchased me a black Chanel I don't know the name of it but I think it's from the cruise 16 collection I'm honestly not a huge fan of it but don't want to be ungrateful so I'm going to keep it ..I really wanted a black boy bag old medium caviar or chevron I'm torn my birthday is in July so I'm going to gift myself one I think I'm going to sell two of my old Chanel bags and put that money towards it my question is would you sell the first Chanel bag you ever got ? It's a powder blue chain around the medium one and I'm also wondering should I sale my neon yellow wallet on a chain .. Please share your thoughts and onions ... I'm going to attach pics of my Mother's Day bag
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463093317.821712.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463093330.892436.jpg
  3. I sell bags I don't use - I don't have sentimental attachment to handbags like I do to jewelry so I wouldn't be phased on selling my "first"

    Depends on how much you love and use the piece. If it's collecting dust then part ways. If you use it but are just itching to get the bag your FI didn't I would say just be patient and save up for it instead..
  4. Personally, I like this bag that your fiance got you. I'd keep it for sure. As for selling the other bags, if you don't use them and you have your eye on something else you want more then that's the way to go. But that neon yellow WOC sounds super fun and versatile. (if it were me, I'd keep that and sell the light blue chain around to fund your boy bag). :smile: Good luck.
  5. This is a stunning bag. I love the style. As the ppl above stated too, I'd sell what I don't use to fund for another or just to get rid of it. I sold one of my Prada saffiano's after it was just sitting in my closet for 6 months. It was my first designer bag ever which was hard for me to part with, but to this day I do not regret selling it.
  6. Thank you so much for you advice ladies !!!!! And thank you for compliments on the bag [emoji8]
  7. Love your new filigree bag---not that many outside of the classic flaps/reissues come with leather interiors. Hope you enjoy it! It's a great piece!
  8. I like filigree bag as well :smile: I'd sell first if you don't use it, but I know it's hard. My first designer bag was LV speedy cerise, I'm thinking of selling it.
  9. This is a very wise decision. Okay, so there is another one that you would rather have had, but returning such a special gift from your fiancé is a slippery slope. I speak from experience. I returned a piece of jewelry from DH and it took years for him to get over that and buy me another piece of jewelry. I made a big mistake. :girlsigh: Lesson learned!

    I do think you should sell your blue chain around. I don't think it makes your heart sing like it did when you bought it. Sell it, you'll be okay!

    I do hope you get your black boy bag old medium caviar or chevron. Good luck! :smile:
  10. I like the bag, I think your fiancé did a fine job. I would sell bags your not using and save for your Boy bag down the road.
  11. Hmm... if you haven't used it, would your fiancé mind if you exchanged it? I would think that he'd rather see you get something you LOVED and would use a lot. Unless of course if he has some personal attachment to that bag, like he loves the aesthetics of it or something.

    On another note, when my DH and I were dating - he gave me an LV bucket bag monogram mini for Christmas. I didn't love it at first, but it grew on me, and I actually ended up using it a LOT. To the point where the base of it ripped.

    As far as selling first ever Chanel bag - I haven't done it, but I probably could/would if I never use it.
  12. I think you know how your fiance will handle it, but I'd want to exchange the bag if you really had your heart set on something else. It's all about timing and how you present this of course-talents that are wisely learned for the married years ahead. If you make him feel so proud of even walking into that Chanel boutique-which many men would never do-he would rather see you with a bag you love, I'd think!

    The Filagree is a great bag but if it's not for you and you don't use it, that could prevent any future designer bags purchases as well, as he may think you don't use them.
  13. OMG BagFetish I love this filigree bag! Your fiancée has great taste! have this same bag and love it more every day. I am so happy I bought it. That being said everyone has different tastes and so since its not an inexpensive purchase would you be able to exchange it for another bag you like more?

    And as for selling other bags, I agree with parting with them if you don't use them.
  14. Don't exchange or sell it! I made the mistake and DH is too scared to buy me a bag since! Don't do it!!!!!!!
  15. the filigree bag your fiance gave you is very popular! i see a lot of people buy it here on tpf. it's super cute worn crossbody! try it out and you'll see.. plus it's lighter than a double flap bag so it's really a good gift!

    about your other bags.. i would sell your neon yellow woc. i just don't think that neon yellow is timeless enough. plus it's really small and you already have your new black filigree :smile:

    i would keep the powder blue chain around because i like the chain around! hehe!
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