~Reveal:Delivery from Champs-Élysées~ [pics] + bonus

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  1. Congratulations. Especially love the vernis cosmetic case
  2. very nice, congrats
  3. congrats =P. your DH is such a sweetie. ^^
  4. beautiful pieces, congrats!

    btw I LOOOVE your avatar!
  5. Congrats on all your goodies from Paris!!!
  6. Gorgeous additions - I love the Cartier!
  7. Thanks... making me feel guilty about exchanging it to something else... my first vernis and I'm still struggling.

    I have a pug :smile: she makes me laugh!

    Thank you - I love the watch! So classic :smile:
  8. congrats!!!
  9. Gorgeous Stuff! Enjoy your first piece of vernis!
  10. Congratulations, beautiful pieces
  11. congrats on all the great goodies!
  12. Congrats! You are lucky for having such a great DH! :graucho:
  13. I was wowed by the Keepall 45 and then stumbled upon the watch-such amazing pieces and so happy that you got them!
  14. Very nice! Congrats & Enjoy them! :smile:
  15. Congrats!