~Reveal:Delivery from Champs-Élysées~ [pics] + bonus

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  1. Ok ok... this is my really first so I don't know the protocol... sorry here we go!

    I finally got my HG travel bag~~ :heart::heart:
    and my very first vernis piece~~

    Keepall 45 with shoulder strap and cosmetic pouch MM amarante

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  2. Congrats, beautiful pieces! Love the Amarente!
  3. More photos of keepall 45... I'm especially excited about this piece... I really wanted this for a looong time.

    I LOVE the LV hardware pieces... such a high quality :love:

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  4. Love your Keepall! Congrats!!!
  5. Nice pieces. Love the Amarante.
  6. Thank you for entertaining my reveal... you guys are very kind.

    I saved about 25% with the VAT refund yay~ all my LV pieces were obtained in Europe for $$$$ savings.

    I have a trip scheduled for Sept. and Nov... not sure if I can wait that long now! I really want to use the keepall LOL
    I'm going to bring the luggage tag for heat stamping today at my local LV store.

    I have a mixed feeling about the vernis though... it's my first vernis and I feel it's too finger printy. I'm kind of anal about it. It is beautiful though. I'm seriously thinking about exchanging it to wapity, preferably in white MC, if I can get one at all.
  7. Congrats! great purchases.
  8. Congrats!!
  9. Oh almost forgot about the bonus piece. There's a Cartier store across from the LV store in Champs-Élysées... my DH got me an early birthday present! He knew I wanted this watch for a long time :P
    DH said they also promised to send him an extra strap (patented dark brown which was out of stock) from Paris in few weeks.

    So I'm seriously on a self-ban for a while :P

    Tank Solo :blush:

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  10. wow...that watch is beautiful...congrats on the vernis and purse..you're gonna love the vernis.....wapity is also a good thing to have....
  11. Oh gorgeous pieces, congrats!
  12. What a wonderful DH you have. The watch is beautiful...happy early Birthday!! And the other 2 pieces are beautiful as well. Can you do a modeling shot of the 45 please?
  13. Congrats on the keepall, thats a great bag!! I agree that I would be anal with the finger-prints! It would drive me crazy. Of course the cartier watch is TDF!! Congrats!
  14. Congratulations.:heart:
  15. Congrats.