REVEAL: Dear Miss Paraty.... *Wood* you be mine? (Lots of pics!)

  1. congrats!
  2. She is so absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE it!
  3. Congrats on the bag. It's gorgeous!
  4. Waterlily?! I've not heard about Waterlily :panic: What colour is that? I need to know!!!! :lol: Mauve-pink would be gorgeous!
  5. Cupcake! :hugs: Well, so far the only pics I have found on it are in the Chloe catalogue on the official website... the mauve-y blushy color, shown here in Ethel, Elsie, and then Marcie, Elsie, and Lily wallets, are all labeled as "Waterlily." I LOVE this color... it looks so pretty!!



    The super cute Mini Marcies (and Paraty and Ethel) that are coming out are "Waterlily" too, but the Saks pic looks more like a peachy, coral-y color. This is Saks:


    So it's a mystery for now! I tried to see if Chloe LV had any intel pics yet but haven't heard back. I must see this one IRL! :graucho: Hehe you and I have to get on the Marcie train already!
  6. Thank you, bijou, craftingcouture, and xhalted! :blush:
  7. Congrats! The leather on your paraty is TDF!!
  8. Ooh Waterlily looks to die for.
    I've been dreaming of something in Skylight but I think I will have to add Waterlily to the list
  9. Waterlily looks gorgeous! I've just had a look at their catalogue on their website and love it! :love: And I agree - it's quite different from the mini Marcie on Saks.

    Quite like the Icy Mint too but would like it in the traditional Marcie style ;)
  10. Soooooooo beautiful!!! I'm so excited for you to have finally found your HG! You carry her so well, and it's perfection with your boots! :tup:
  11. Can't believe I'm just seeing this.... Another beautiful neutral and I love it paired with your gorgeous boots!!! Congrats, glad you tracked down this beauty!!
  12. Thanks, bubbleloba!! I LOVE this leather!! :love:

    Thanks, girlie!! :hugs: I am crushing on her hard... I feel bad for my other bags because they've all been sitting in their dust bags since I got this one!! Paraty and I sure are in that honeymoon phase! hehe I can so see why you had to have two!!

    Thank you, lady!! :ghi5: I'm so happy I tracked this one down too... a HG, for me for sure! I'm in love!
  13. If anyone is looking for this, there's one medium wood paraty in Singapore's DFS Chloe boutique at Scott's Road.