Reveal comparing the mini square/mini rect/small flap/vintage diana flap

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  1. Hello! I recently bought the Chanel mini rectangle in Camel / dark beige after a tedious month-long hunt. Love how the light gold hardware goes so well with the bag's color!! I'm really happy that I have this bag, even though the strap is long on me.

    Here's some pictures I took of the bag, along with a comparison of the size with my other mini square, small classic flap and small vintage diana flap in 9".

    Hope this helps anyone who's looking for a comparison of these bags. I know I was hunting for similar posts when I was researching these bags to buy. :smile:

    IMG_1473771248.453748.jpg IMG_1473771302.018838.jpg IMG_1473771323.110462.jpg IMG_1473771348.321493.jpg
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  2. IMG_1473771449.019784.jpg IMG_1473771462.954074.jpg IMG_1473771499.977808.jpg IMG_1473771522.740031.jpg
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  3. IMG_1473771551.308593.jpg IMG_1473771567.827654.jpg IMG_1473771703.876193.jpg IMG_1473771736.829307.jpg
    How the bag looks in daylight
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  4. IMG_1473771794.081931.jpg IMG_1473771815.023797.jpg IMG_1473771840.718525.jpg IMG_1473771895.423559.jpg

    Some outfits to go with the bag. It matches white outfits well!
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  5. Sorry for the spam! I hope the pictures will help.

    I personally like the size of the mini square more than the rect mini, surprise! I feel the square is deeper and thicker to fit my stuff more comfortably than the rect mini which is too slim.

    The diana and small flap fits about the same! The small is slightly longer than the diana but with the double flap inside, they feel about the same.

  6. Gorgeous mini and thank you for posting all the comparison photos! And I agree with you, I actually can fit more in my square mini with more ease than my rectangular! Congrats on your beautiful find :smile:
  7. Mintyvintage, thanks so much this is very helpful. The size proportions will help me determine my next purchase for the upcoming cruise collection. The mini rect in beige is really beautiful with the god hardware and stands out against the white. Really lovely.
  8. This is a fabulous post, thank you for all the useful photos! I've only tried on the square mini and rectangular mini on separate visits to the boutique and your photos provide a useful contrast. Now I guess I will have to look out for the square mini when it is next available! :smile:
  9. By the way you look fabulous wearing your new mini! Hope you enjoy it greatly.
  10. Wow. Thanks so much for allll your information and pictures. Your minis are gorgeous and diana is so fabulous. Im looking for a diana for sooo long
  11. This is great!! Thanks for all the mod shots, very helpful!! Love your mini's [emoji7] and we are twins with the 9" Diana flap [emoji133]
  12. Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing!! You look great wearing them!!!
  13. Very helpful thread! Thank you for taking the time to share.
  14. Thank you so much for sharing!! I wouldn't think that the square mini can actually fit more than the rect mini. Will have to see if I can try both on. Oh and that camel color is absolutely gorgeous. Goes so well with so many outfit choices [emoji173]️.
  15. Great post and a fabulous collection. I have the same 'beige' mini and am loving the colour!
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