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  1. Happy New Year Everyone!!! :wave:

    Ready for a quick reveal?

    Want to start off 2018 with these comfy goodness :smile:
    Pardon the non-Chanel purchases. I couldn’t resist them because they are just so comfy and cute :blush::giggle:

    6965E587-8BA3-421A-A1FD-56E4FAFFB396.jpeg 0106C99B-3E4F-4271-8870-AE66BA8D834D.jpeg 06B09AB8-6C94-4EB8-85B6-C9EB8A4486EA.jpeg
  2. New year, new shoes!!!
    I purchased these Chanel loafers on sale and I couldn’t be happier!!! :yahoo::happydance::loveeyes:

    F44FD5F0-A646-4159-A1C0-AFD4F36329FC.jpeg 26720AF8-3FAB-4372-9C9E-B8D900CBCE2D.jpeg 5871A55A-DC42-4428-B0C2-399D7CF02B6D.jpeg
  3. Non-Chanel purchases :blush:

    I also received a card and another bottle of Cartier champagne from my wonderful Cartier SA. New shoes and bubbly are perfect start to 2018, right? :giggle::hbeat:

    Thank you for letting me share!

    B8094DEB-59CC-40FA-8E7D-CBF5BF79C626.jpeg 8C7099B8-1536-4285-998A-19FBC5BB15D7.jpeg 06384FC8-7CF0-49C9-BAB2-9B9C4F83BEFA.jpeg
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  4. Do you have the style number for the top pair and how much did you pay if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. Wow my sweet friend @Bother Free, what a wonderful haul. I love all of your shoes, making a wishlist as we speak:heart::hbeat::tup::panic::loveeyes::yahoo::drinks:
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  6. Love everything in this haul!! Aren’t you sassy!!:loveeyes::coolio:
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  7. Awesome haul! One for each day of week almost.
  8. I love this! Your Chanel loafers are divine @Bother Free ! I’m hoping to snag a pair or two in the uk sale if I’m lucky! I’ve never seen the monogram style ones before, are they velvet? They are so lovely but I am lusting after the metallic loafers!

    Awesome haul, hope you’re loving it all!
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  9. Fantastic haul! Happy New Year!
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  10. Congrats on some amazing shoes! Glad to see that I'm not the only one who loves flats/comfy designer shoes!
  11. Huge fan of ALL your reveals sweet Bother Free & these are all incredible!!! Yay you & your comfy sweet feet! But i think you may know which pair has my heart....i want them BAD!!! Ah those Dior sneaks:hbeat::love::loveeyes::tup::drinks::hugs:
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  12. Amazing haul again!! :loveeyes:
    All look comfy, enjoy them.

    Happy 2018!
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  13. Nice haul. Amazing shoe looks so comfy. Happy New Year!!
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  14. What a haul!!!! Omg... all are sooo beautiful... all are comfy and edgy!!!! Congratulations!!!:flowers::heart::loveeyes::drinks:
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