* * Reveal * * Coach Denim Patchwork Poppy Boho

Aug 14, 2006
I bought this on Friday early evening after work. :yahoo:

I purchased it from the Coach Store located in a department store.
Unfortunately, I could not save 25% off with my PCE. I had to pay full price, but I absolutely love this purse.

This is my new Coach Boho Denim Poppy Patchwork purse. I love this purse a lot.
The price of this purse was the same price as the Denim Patchwork Rocker. I wish I was able to use my PCE, oh well, I still love my purse and used it today.

However, I was able to save 25% off my wallet with my PCE. :tender:
I went to a Coach store to buy my wallet.

The cool thing about this purse it's exclusive to department stores and on the Coach Japan website. So my feeling is, it will eventually be released in Canada and US. :cool:

YAY I love my purse. It's roomy, can be worn two ways, shorter and crossbody. I always wanted a denim purse. I fell in love with this purse two weeks ago when I seen it. It was worth it.

My pics were taken with my cell phone ;)


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Aug 14, 2006
Here you go, some quick pictures. The lighting is not so good as it's very early in the morning (no sun out yet lol).

I also tried to edit my pictures with my original posting, but I got timed out lol.
So I'm re-adding a picture of purse and wallet together :smile:


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Jun 18, 2010
Even though you couldn't get the 25% off for the Boho, it's a great buy. It has so much room and it looks fantastic as a crossbody! I also like that you bought the matching wallet. Congratulations.