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  1. Here is a classic Valentino bag I could not resist-guesses?

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    image-1205409815.jpg image-304978791.jpg
  2. Red petale dome! I love this signature flower bag in classic Valentino red. Yayyy! Happy dance!

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    image-2300158380.jpg image-1378251208.jpg image-2210504449.jpg
  3. Mod shots with Red Valentino jacket, my new rockstud bow pumps:

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    image-4257505497.jpg image-1962505065.jpg image-2519778207.jpg
  4. Gorgeous! Love that shade of red! :smile:
  5. Thanks! From your name I'm guessing you understand the appeal of red ;)

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  6. Oh wow. That's a gorgeous bag!
  7. You are killing me again!!!! I am looking for this bag in this color for a longest time! I am totally in love with this style and this color!!!! Lucky girl!!
  8. Stunning! Love the bag and the shoes!
  9. That is beautiful!!
  10. OMG! You got it in leather! What a gorgeous bag, girl! :love: I love mine in patent - if I can ever find the time to get the strap fixed.

    As always, you look spectacular!!!
  11. Thanks!

    Thanks; I'll keep my eye out for another one for you ;)


    Thank you!

    Now we're MA petale twins ;). Thanks!

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  12. Wow Mithril! You know how I feel about Petales, but that shade of red is stunning, and the bag looks so good on you. You rock it! Congrats!
  13. It's gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!!!
  14. Gorgeous bag and love the Valentino red color! Congrats!
  15. Thanks! I love the flower bags. . .love your sophisticated collection too!

    Thank you!


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