Reveal! Chanel O coin purse

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  1. Hi ladies! Yesterday I walked into Chanel Neiman Marcus and walked out with a stunning new SLG. When I came home I noticed the tag has14B on it and the serial number begins with 19 which I know is from 2014. Does Chanel usually have old stock to sell? Just curious as I think it might even be a return but it is just beautiful. Must have been my lucky day here is my burgundy O coin purse. Enjoy!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463717303.608517.jpg
  2. I love this color!! I have been looking for exactly this one!! I saw it way back in 2014 and got black instead. I always thought about this one though after the fact
  3. OMG. U need to keep this!! 14B Caviar was such a good year!! Look at that puffy, beautifully quilted caviar. congrats!! What a truly lovely zippy coin purse!
  4. It's lovely! I really like the colour :smile: I need one like this!
  5. Lovely !!!!!'s my favorite color.. .you're super lucky ...I got the lambskin black ghw and caviar blk shw...but they don't compare to yours 😍

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  6. You just went at the right time, great purchase, love the color
  7. It's fairly common to have SLGs from older stock still in store

    This is a very pretty color and caviar looks fabulous

  8. What a great find!!! The color is gorgeous...Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  9. Great beautiful find! Congrats!
  10. Lovely! Congrats!
  11. Beautiful. The color and caviar are amazing!
  12. Such a pretty color and leather is puffy & shiny, congrats!
  13. Lucky lady....what a little beauty...congrats. :heart:
  14. Big congrats on great finds!! I love this color so much! I own black one of this and wish to add color one next :smile:
  15. You know, I never thought of it but the beautiful burgundy SLG is actually perfect to complement the interior of the classic bags, and a change from black! The coin purse you got is perfection!