Reveal: Camel/Pink Ruby Edgepaint Bleecker Preston Satchel

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  1. Style No. 30165. Still trying to decide if it's staying, but thought a few of you might like to see it.

    I'm irritated that Coach sent it with no dust bag. :rant:


    Ruby Pink is nearly identical to Legacy Fuchsia.
  2. Love love love
  3. Gorgeous! Congrats!
    I want this one!
  4. Love it!!

    If you live by a FP store, I'm pretty sure they would give you a dust bag if you ask. I know the FP store that I go to would. What do you not like about the bag, other than the dust bag issue?
  5. I'm not super close to a boutique so it will be a pain to make a special trip for a dust bag. I'm not sure I love the pebbled leather on this one...and I still wish the camel was a shade lighter. Still on the fence if it's worth keeping.:-s
  6. Oh, and it does fit a Samsung Note 3 as long as you are using the S-View Flip Cover (or something equally thin) or no case at all.

  7. +1
  8. I love it!! I'm sorry that it's not instant love for you. And the dust bag missing is annoying!! I love your pictures. Can you tell me if you think that's the true color of the camel in real life?
  9. Yes, it's pretty true to color. I was really hoping it would be closer to the lighter shade of the preview pics.

  10. Thanks so much! Some of the pictures I've seen have made the camel darker but I love it in your pictures. I have one coming to me but I won't be until next week. I can't wait to see it. :smile:
  11. I got mine today and no dustbag, 1st time that's happened. I'm doing to call Jax and get them to send me one tho.
    It's a pretty bag :smile:
  12. Congrats! It's really pretty! Thanks for sharing the pics. :smile: I agree with you about the camel - I think if it was a shade lighter it would be way more popular!
  13. Very pretty! Thanks for the comparison to Legacy Fuchsia.
  14. I love this color combination!!!!!
  15. Love it!