Reveal: Boston Tian

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  1. My husband and I decided to celebrate Valentine's week this year in Paris. And after taking in the Louis Vuitton Voyages exhibition, we wandered over to the Avenue Montaigne and into the Gucci store so I could see the new Tian collection up close and personal. :P

    I loved the tote with the red trim -- gorgeous -- but I liked the Boston bag just as much and decided to go with the Boston (price: 1390 euros). The SA in the store was lovely -- surprisingly, we were the only customers at the time and as we later walked along the avenue, we noticed many of the other designer stores were similarly very quiet (Ferragamo was actually closed due to remodeling).

    After the purchase, we walked down to the Plaza Athenee Hotel to celebrate with a drink in their beautiful salon.

    Anyway, here we go with the photos!

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  2. Next batch of photos (all taken in our Paris hotel room)

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  3. And the last three...showing the strap (wrapped), the bag out and about in a restaurant in the Marais, and "on duty" in my office. :P

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  4. Stunning bag....congrats. :heart::heart::heart:
  5. WOW 😍 Really a stunning bag!!! Congratulation!!!
  6. Beautiful bag, congratulations
  7. Congrats-- it's such a lovely Valentine's gift!
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. Ooh wow this bag is so beautiful!! Congrats!!
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    I'm glad you all like it :smile:

    Now that I've had it a few months, a quick review of the bag:

    First, it looks great and has held up very well. No hint of the print fading or chipping or any other signs of wear. (I read the comments on the LV section about problems with the latest "painted" monogram canvas collection; there has been none of this with my Tian bag).

    It is an eye-catching bag that looks different (in a good way) from most other bags out there.
    General note: even though it's not listed by Gucci as a large bag, its dimensions are quite generous: 35.5 cm by 23 cm by 18 cm. So it can hold a lot. And it looks better when it's filled. Even fully loaded, it doesn't sag. That's great when the bag is full of stuff, not so great when it's mostly empty -- when only lightly loaded, it looks a bit "caved in" on one side. So I tend to carry it only when I have a lot of stuff to put in it.

    The only real minus on this bag -- and it's not a huge one -- is that the shoulder strap does tend to slip at times. It doesn't stay put like, for example, my LV Trevi PM (that strap does not budge -- it has real staying power, one of the reasons the Trevi remains my favorite go-to bag). I find that it stays somewhat better when I shorten the strap as much as possible. And of course, it stays fine if I wear it cross-body, but I tend to not wear cross-body styles.

    So...overall, I give it an 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Still happy to have bought it and would buy it again.
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  11. This bag is really beautiful and I have to figure out a way to get her
  12. That is a really beautiful bag. Thanks For the update.
  13. Lovely bag! Thanks for your review.