Reveal..Blame it on the Ulyssess agenda

  1. Silks. A mix of spring summer fall autumn.

    I especially love the Maharajas and the Laboratorie design I'm sooo tempted to buy another few more cws.
  2. You are on a roll :p
    All your goodies look lovely.
  3. Forgot the attachment oops
  4. Hello Millicat dear thanks for being here. I'll upload the boxes tommorrow. Those two were the cause of my dilemmas about asking my H angel to hold items for a longer than normal time.
  5. Can see a fabulous reveal coming up.....
  6. Wow wow wow..amazing everything..can't wait to see the bags :woohoo:
  7. Lovely collection...-;)
  8. very very nice... love the Pikabooks!!!! Congrats... is that B or K? As I remember you other thread you have to get in 4 days...:graucho::graucho:Congrats!!
  9. What beautiful goodies - love them all! Congratulations!
  10. Box 1
    image-40632379.jpg image-1743922303.jpg
  11. Box 2
    image-2239353066.jpg image-1559502864.jpg
  12. Box 1 is Ms Bolide 31 in etoupe. I missed one of this and my H angel found me another. Have to dress her up tomorrow
    image-2944089241.jpg image-1428562489.jpg
  13. :popcorn::couch:
  14. You really had one heck of a year!!! Amazing bunch of H goodies! I love your scarves and you Bolide!!!
  15. Last but not least box 2. Ms sellier K 32 in etain Epsom

    Thanks everyone for bearing with me on my slow watermarking skill.