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  1. Another cannage ... what can I say, it is such a gorgeous pattern! :yahoo:
    It actually came yesterday but since I was quite disgusted with it's condition I just had to 'fix it up' before I posted a reveal ... the bag was filthy! The corners are not too bad, but there is obviously wear, but the worst was that there were some smudges on the bag itself and the handles *yuk* So I did the only thing I could do: Used a leather cleanser/colour fixater and held my breath that it wouldn't do damage.

    I'm quite pleased with the result but you can see for yourself :biggrin:

    It falls into a soft puddle of leather so DH helped keep it straight for that one!



    And a couple of mod shots - it does fit over my shoulder, at least when I'm not wearing a winter coat!

    If so I will just wear it like this:
  2. :woohoo::yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:

    Well done for restoring 'her' to her glory, thank goodness for you - you saved it's life Black_Swarmer (how do bags even get that dirty? :yucky:)

    Congratulations, it looks totally FAB on.

    Altogether great job :tup:
  3. Congrats hun, it looks beautiful on you!

    Sad that you had to deal with the condition of the bag but it looks shiny and new, I didn't even guess from the pictures it was worn before! :smile:
  4. Congrats! Looks great on you!
  5. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  6. congratulation on your new purse it looks absolutly stunning . you did an amazing job with the restauration . may i ask which brand did you use for the leather cleaner ?
  7. Thank you all :flowers: I really like this bag despite the condition it was in when it arrived - guess I have learned not to trust that particular auction site's descriptions from now on!

    I have no idea how bags can become that filthy. The hardware was also really stained/dirty but most of it went away with a good polishing, I really don't get why anyone would treat expensive bags like this ... and the corners, how do they get to look so worn? I think I'd have to drag the bag along the sidewalk or a brick wall to get it like that - and I don't plan to! I'm not babying my bags in any way, they are meant to be carried, but of course I am careful with them and don't let them rub against anything but me and won't put them on the ground. Obviously not everyone thinks like that.

    Lovedior, I will check the name of the product tomorrow. I got it from a Danish boutique that sells bags etc. Now I'm just trying to make up my mind about whether or not to give it some waterstop spray, I'm afraid the cleanser has removed the finish! What do you think?
  8. Congrats on your lovely bag! Looks like you've done a really swell restoration job :tup:
  9. thank you black swarmer . you did a really great job restauring it its hard to tell it was stain before when i see those bautiful pictures. its true some poeple dont give a damn about their bag and carry it to everywhere and drag it ,rub it .... some people just dont have nothing of prices or simply not carefull with stuff they own ( which tells you a lot about the owner ...i would never lend something to someone that detroy their own things )

    anyway i think you should wait a week before to do the water stop spay just to make sure your purse have well keep in the first product . i have leather boots i treat once in a while with leather restauration product ( but its too harsh for handbag though) and i always wait a while before to put the second product on top . it works well that way :smile:

    considering the price you pay for the handbag ITS A SHAME the owner didnt take few minutes of her time to clean up the purse before sending it to you .
  10. It is sooooo beautiful! You did a great job! :tup:

  11. And now it's tomorrow here :biggrin:

    Lovedior, the product is called Texcare Leatherlotion and it is a Danish product so I don't know if it is available anywhere else but DK ... it is for smooth leather only, no suede or 'raw' leather.

    And it wasn't the previous owner who sent it to me, I got it through an auction house - but of course the previous owner could have fixed it up a bit before handing it to the auction house! If I had been closer to where the bag was stored I could have gone and checked it before bidding. I don't regret it though, it is a great bag! :biggrin: I will wait a while before I spray it.

    And for those of you who like this one, I found this one: - love that one too, but with customs and tax ...
  12. beautiful bag, hunny, amazing what a bit of TLC can do to leather:nuts:

    Prices on malleries are silly, theyre so high that I would rather just go to a boutique and buy a new one...
  13. lovely bag!
    good to hear you were able to clean it up a bit. Sometimes I really wonder what people do to their bags (or maybe I really don't want to know, lol!)
  14. i agree with you 300 percent. they are overpriced on certain types of handbags and if i hear that they resell handbag for people they could at least send them CLEAN .

    thats why i totally avoid to buy used now . im so scared to receive a damage bag or stain bag i rather pay more and get a brand new one ( with the dior warantee )
  15. Looks great on you! Congrats!!
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