Reveal: Birthday gifts (2 items)

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  1. I bought these a few months ago for my birthday, but I'm a new member to the forum. guesses?

    **NOTE: the pictures are mirrored because i took pictures from my webcam.

    I only have one of the dust bags with me, but there are two items. guesses?
  2. Lets see
  3. what is it?? I am terrible at guessing!!
  4. take it out!!!
  5. [​IMG]

  6. Damier Speedy?
  7. Speedy and a Cles???? Show! Show!
  8. Take it off!
  9. :woohoo:
  10. last teaser picture of the purse only.

  11. its a damier bloomsbury :smile: COngrats
  12. hmmm odeon or totally?
  13. i'm here!!
  14. bloomsbury??
  15. :popcorn: