Reveal: Beige Caviar Reissue 226 from 13k

  1. So a few days ago I posted on the "come share your November 2013 purchase" thread that the Beige Caviar Reissue 226 was on its way to me. Well I received it today and it did not disappoint. This bag is really beautiful and I hope my photos will do it justice.

    The gold hardware is really stunning on this bag, and even on this similarly tone color bag it still manage to make the hardware pop. If anyone is curious the beige color is a darker beige. And it sort of gets lighter with daylight and darker with indoor lighting.


    I was asked to do comparison/companion photos of this Beige Reissue with my pearlized beige jumbo. Particularly to see the difference in the pebble caviar.


    The reissue caviar is a little bit more smoother than the jumbo caviar. Here is the close up.

    Caviar leather is my favorite leather type of the Chanel bags and I'm happy they have it on reissue this year. Although It does feel heavier than the distressed calfskin reissue.

    Thanks for checking out my reveal.
  2. Loved it!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Beautiful bags!!
  4. Just beautiful!!! Thanks for the pics!!!
  5. Congrats on your gorgeous reissue!!
  6. Lovely!
  7. Congrats! :smile:
  8. wow! i was so waiting for this reveal. she is really a beauty. i was at the boutique last night asking for this but they don't have it. i will be in paris tomorrow. maybe they already have it so i can see it irl. oh my, you have me now all confused my dear...not sure now what to buy :smile: congrats and enjoy her to the fullest!
  9. Beige and gold, the perfect combination. So lovely, congrats!
  10. Beautiful combo! Congrats!
  11. Your 2.55 in beige ghw is just as iconic. Its simply elegant and stunning. YOu are right, the hardware complements the beige caviar beautifully and the colour combo pops!

    Congrats in scoring this beautiful iconic bag.
  12. This bag is so so stunning; congrats on a truly beautiful classic.
  13. Love both ur bags!!! Uve got great taste!! Congrats!
  14. Stunning bag!! Congrats!! My caviar reissue in blk is on its way to me too :smile:
    I love caviar leather and i love reissue.Thanks Chanel that they hv reissue in caviar this year
  15. Congrats OP! This caviar looks much better than the reissue caviar of last year which was all deflated looking. Love the puffy quilts :biggrin: