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  1. Hello tPFers,
    Meet my friend "Lenzo1200" (a member of tPF). This is a picture I took of her purchasing a new LV bag. She turned me on to tPF and we were fast cohorts going into LV every night after work. Then she cheated on LV with a beautiful red Balenciaga. :lol: I became a LV addict. The rest is history.
  2. So the cash you see her with? She was buying a bag she thought she wanted at that time. Well, now that bag is mine. I bought it from her. I guess this bag was meant to be with me all along. :biggrin:

  3. Open up!!!
  4. Open, open. :smile:
  5. No cloth tag.
  6. I love classics ... Here !!!!
  7. Beautiful iconic Speedy 35!
  8. Thanks for letting me share, ladies. While I do admire the Kusama speedy bags, I just think classic Speedy is gorgeous! I love monogram and I love making a statement with it.
  9. Classics are lovely.

  10. Love it! Is this recent?
  11. LOVE the classics! Congrats on your timeless Speedy :smile:
  12. Yes, my friend bought this in March or April of this year? I totally scored an almost - new Speedy! ;)
  13. Congratulations for such a classic!
  14. Congrats :biggrin:
  15. Oh wow ! I love it ;) congrats on your
    new timeless piece :biggrin:

    I have it in mon mono and I love it !!!
    Great size for classic speedy ;)