Reveal: B Day Gift for DD

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    When she was 3 months, I hand-made this hat (cost 1.5 USD, my stitches better than H craftsman? haha) with her Chinese nickname (Popcorn Lu) on it and bought a cute H pony toy(XXXUSD) for her to bite.

    Next Tuesday is her 1 year birthday, I chose fabric and designed a little dress (2.0 USD) and DH got another toy (xxx usd) for her. Hope one day she will understand love & taste are priceless and nothing to do with money.
    IMG_4083.JPG DSC02533.JPG DSC02526.jpg DSC02520.JPG DSC02522.JPG
  2. That's a lovely lovely gift Heavenplay. I love the little dress and the toy...and I wish my kids were girls so I could dress them up too! I hope the little rocking horse becomes a family heirloom that lots of children will enjoy using to the fullest.
  3. Lovely H toy....wish i have gals too (have 2 boys). The dress is so adorable, i'm sure your DD will look so pretty on her!!~
  4. Lovely gifts, and I especially love the little hat. Very pretty.
  5. okay, I confess I couldn't walk out a h boutique empty-handed for myself:shame:

    2 scarves for me, 2 shirts & 1 notebook for DH

    thanks again for allowing me to share!
    L1000058.JPG L1000059.JPG L1000064.JPG
  6. thank you plumtree, just saw a TB box birkin somewhere, I will PM you the link later:biggrin:

  7. thanks Celia_Hish, give it another try, like Victory haha. I wish my next baby would be a boy, a better toy for my DD. :smile:
  8. thanks Lovely64, finally you like something I post here,haha,I like you being straightforward and your fashion insights make me introspect a lot, so sincere apologies for any misunderstanding before.:drinkup:
  9. You are welcome. I liked the white/beige H dress you posted so I have liked more of your stuff then I have disliked:p I am sorry for any misunderstanding, but sometimes things get interepreted the wrong way on the internet. No biggie!
  10. haha...i think i have too many real life cases from frnds and colleagues, turn out to be either all gals or all boys (it's like 50/50 chance)...sigh, if i'm still can afford to try when i'm much younger, i don't mind:smile:
  11. Lovely scarves and nice shirts!!~
  12. awww heavenplay, can you adopt me too? I wouldn't mind some cute pressies like this...even though i've grown up a bit already. :p

    but this is just so sweet. :love:
  13. So sweet n lovely gifts
    Lifetime memories
  14. Beautiful toys!!! I have looked at that horsey stuffed toy on multiple occasions for myself!! Haha! At 30, I can't justify owning it. Lol!! Maybe when DH and I have children, I will buy it. Beautiful items, including the handcrafted ones. Best to you and your family.
  15. Super sweet and adorable! Great job on the hat and dress!