Reveal at 5pm (Central)!

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  1. I got some goodies from the boutique to reveal.... :graucho:

    But I still have to take the pics and upload!!!

    SO.... I will be back later. Here is a hint about the star of the show: It has pink in it! You may guess away until I return. ;)
  2. Pink "IN" it? I'd say first a madison shoulder bag in pink, then a sabrina in pink, zoe in pink, or one of the hamptons with the pink sig?
  3. The pink stripe heritage is my guess!
  4. ^^ that's what i was thinking of as well, right? Pink heritage stripe sounds like "has pink in it"...
  5. hehehe....alll great guesses! But I can't confirm or deny... :rolleyes:

    Here are some teaser pics:


  6. I love the pink stripe Heritage satchel and tote! :dothewave::dothewave:
  7. ohh a spectator sabrina??? bring it on take it off:popcorn:
  8. such a tease !, I think it has pink lining.
  9. Ok I guess it is close enough to 5pm!
    Here we go!


    Khaki/pink Heritage Stripe Satchel & Mini!
    Plus, the Rose quartz heart ring! :heart:

    This satchel was bigger than I expected and is perfect! I would equate the size to slightly bigger than the medium Sabrina. It also has side pockets with turnlocks!
    If this had come in the domed satchel I might have been quite torn between the 2 bags... :tender:
  10. oooh very pretty I was way off lol I love that bag I saw that yesterday I love the color of it Way to go.
  11. Oh love it!! Congrats!!
  12. YES YES!!! Gorgeous! That is my next purchase! I LOVE that bag!
  13. Oh, how pretty!!! Love it!!! Great choice!
  14. Cute! I want the green one!
  15. Yay! I love it! (And want one :P)