Reveal anyone!? (In the car still.. So give me a few minutes to situate!)

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  1. Just giving everyone a heads up to check back in a while I'm bringing home new goodies!!


    $hopping day!!


    :smile: can't wait to show show show!!!!
  2. Hurry!! Drive fast!!! :smile:
  3. Thats a big bag...lets see
  4. Can't wait to see
  5. hahahahahah TRUE! lol
  6. Hurrrrryyy I wanna seeeee!!!
  7. Good lord, look at the size of that bag!!!! :woot:
  8. I am so excited to see!!!!!!
  9. Here!!!
  10. Can't wait to see ! :smile:
  11. Can't wait too see!!!!!!
  12. Waiting...patiently, kind of lol
  13. My husband is mad because I'm ignoring our trivia game at the bar to look at your reveal!! Xoxo
  14. So are you home yet are you home yet are you home yet??? :smile:
  15. Right!!! Good Grief!! Luggage?! I wanna see hurry up and have dinner and do the reveal. :popcorn: :couch: