Reveal anyone??? I'm super excited :)

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  1. I received this baby earlier this week, but I had to study all week long so the reveal has to wait. It kills me btw, to wait all weekend long for her to arrive and all week long to do the reveal. But what can I say, school is more important, tpf is a very close second...
    Anyway, anyone wants to join me????
  2. oh yeah!!! :yahoo:
  3. :biggrin: here!
  4. Show us!
  5. A little back story:
    My name is Veronica, and I am a Chanel addict. Hi everyone...I got addicted last year when DH bought me my first one as a wedding present, a year and a half and 3 m/l later, I still find myself thinking about one like this, so the search begins..
    There she was, on ebay, just waiting for me....can anyone guess????
    me.jpg me4.jpg me2.jpg me5.jpg me6.jpg
  6. She's was 'new with defect', as in a few pen marks on her on the outside, but due to the color, those marks are very hard to see, and while I'm carrying her, I can't notice a thing. I can't really complain because with my tight budget (med school student supported by a loving DH), I wouldn't even dream about going into the boutique and get a swanky new one, which will happen the day I graduate :smile: A girl can dream.
    The description is patent grey jumbo with shw. I absolutely love her.....YAY!!!!!
  7. haha you're hooked now :P it only takes that one bag to start an addiction then all of the sudden you have new bags, a wallet follows, a necklace, a key ring and for some reason a key holder :P haha I should really start my ban :P A beautiful piece to add to your collection! Congrats on your bag!! :smile:
  8. And also, I would like to give a huge shout out to the authenticators in this forum. You guys are always appreciated by me and many others in here for dedicating your time to helping people like us who can't afford to buy at the boutique. You save me a lot of heartache and many sleepless nights...Thank you :woohoo:
    And peaceonearth, you are awesome!!!!!! Thank you for making my Chanel dream come true....:happydance:
  9. Thank you MagzC, I know right? Once you're bitten by the Chanel bug, you're done. But I don't want the cure though.....:graucho:
  10. more pics
    me7.jpg me8.jpg me9.jpg
  11. Beautiful bag & what a stunning collection you have.... Congrats
  12. Love the bag! Congrats!
  13. Beautiful bag congrats!!
  14. nice bag, congratulations :smile: