reveal; any guesses?

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  1. come on, lets hear some guesses!!
  2. I'm in......
  3. Something you love???
  4. :thinking:
  5. i'll give you a hint. it just hit the outlets
  6. Soho?
  7. Sabrina???

    BTW - if it's Steel I'm leaving the house right now and camping outside the outlet until it opens!
  8. The Steel is definately worth camping out for!
  9. Madison small hobo?
  10. nope none of those!
  11. Julianne? (I've been guessing that all night!)
  12. Come on - show us some skin......
  13. Yeah just a lil bit! Plus it's getting late ya know lol
  14. Let's see!!!
  15. Lets see, I was at the LC outlet twice this week... either a pleated ergo, (they also had sohos, but you said no- ) or something hamptons. I believe they had hamptons satchels, and I remember some satin items as well... so, am i getting somewhere?